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Reviews will be collected on this page for ease, but you can find them all over the web:
on Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Homes, Realtor, NextDoor, RateMyAgent, and Zillow to name a few! 
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"Erin deserves way more than 5 stars! I met Erin about a year ago when I was preparing for an out-of-area move - from Colorado to Maryland. My "great downsizing person" recommended Erin to me after working with her on another widow's home sale. Erin was sensitive and caring to me and my son. She even helped me pack and recommended excellent movers. It was even more revealing of who she was after my place was flooded 2 days after I moved. Erin met with my contractor during the rebuild (helping with colors and materials). She made many great recommendations for the sale of my home, including timing and price. The place sold swiftly and for much more than we anticipated. Erin marketed and did the best publicity with very good communication the whole way through the process. I totally trusted Erin's knowledge and clarity of the challenging market. Erin's such an amazing person with years of experience."

Carol V, Retired

"Erin helped my wife, me, and my growing family find our house in the middle of Covid in 2020, followed very shortly by helping my mother relocate to be closer to us. Throughout both purchases, she was kind, considerate of our unique needs (a baby on the way in one case and mobility issues in the other), and at every turn, went above and beyond to ensure we were in the right houses in our budgets. As first-time homebuyers, she held our hands through the whole process and advocated for us every step of the way. We couldn't possibly have asked for a better Realtor!"

Andrew Nease, Videographer


"Let me tell you a little about Erin Rose. When it came time to purchase a home, my husband Carlos and I met with Erin to review her process and get a feel for her style as a realtor. We also met with other realtors as well. In the end, we decided that Erin was our best choice, and she proved us right! Erin explained things to us as first-time home buyers in a way that made sense. She helped us search for a home that we loved, always keeping what was important to Carlos and me. The day that we found our home and placed an offer on it was the same day that my brother passed away unexpectedly. Erin understood that I was experiencing extreme grief and did all that she could to make the process of home buying as stress-free as possible. We were so grateful to have her in our corner. Along the way, Erin was responsive, knowledgeable, and transparent. We highly recommend Erin as a realtor! She truly cares about her clients, and it shows! We could not have asked for a better experience than we had with Erin"

Irene Sisneros, Social Worker

"Erin is a thorough professional. She’s a great combination of ability, intelligence, and personality. Fiercely intelligent, she assimilated all of the information I gave her into meeting my real estate needs. We discussed buying my dream home in Colorado the first time we met. Erin was a thorough professional in making me understand the current situation of the real estate market during the pandemic and how I’d have to plan in order to save and buy my dream home. This was very important to me because it’d be my first big purchase ever. She answered all my questions and concerns (her responses were always nimble).  highly recommend Erin to anyone looking to purchase their dream home/ property and who requires professional guidance through the process. She’s the best realtor I’ve encountered in this business, and I will definitely use her services in the future."
Rama Iyer, Database Analyst

"Erin has been a great help for me in growing my business. She helped with every aspect of my marketing and online presence. I highly recommend you contact Erin if you're looking for that extra edge and help to grow your business."

Cole Weaver, Pilot

"Erin is one of my favorite people I have ever met. She is very genuine, creative, and uniquely talented. I would work with her on anything at any time!"

JJ Walker, Founder


“My husband and I heard about Erin through a friend. We were so glad that we went with her to sell our townhouse and buy our future family home. Erin is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and kind. We are certain that we were able to win our dream home due to Erin's drive and hard work. We will 1000% use Erin again if we change homes. You will not regret making the choice to use Erin as your realtor!” 

Leah Hudson, Teacher

“Erin Rose found me a great house and sold my last one for more than I expected. She works hard, is smart, and gets results. I highly recommend.” 

Darrin Lingle, IT Specialist

"We had an excellent experience working with Erin in our home search! She was fantastic! She was incredibly organized, paid incredible attention to detail, and made sure we were fully informed of every step of the journey! Looking forward to finding our dream vacation home in Colorado soon!" 

Jairek Robbins, Public Speaker

"Even on my toughest days, Erin is always able to bring a smile to my face. She's a phenomenal person to work with, and there is never a time when I would hesitate to join her on a project. Beyond anything else, she enjoys being around people, working hard, and sharing her successes with all involved. She's truly a joy to partner with." 

Kristen Brandenburg, Writer

"Erin has been very insightful into the realty world. She offered her knowledge and services to me numerous times; she's given me referrals to potential clients for moving. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. 10 out of 10 for sure!"

Denny Serna, Moving Company Owner

"Though many might view Real Estate agents as a "dime a dozen," Erin definitely doesn't fall within this realm. Honesty, integrity, and passion are three things that immediately come to mind when I think about Erin's work ethic. Meeting clients' expectations isn't good enough for Erin; she strives to surpass expectations set by both her clients and herself. I would highly recommend anyone looking into either Marketing and/or Real Estate ventures to put Erin at the top of their list." 

Chris Denny, Sales & Marketing

"Erin is a very driven woman who has a passion for helping her clients. The work and research that she does for her clients are always top-notch. Working with Erin has provided me with a lot of insight into new aspects of marketing and how to maximize those strategies to the fullest potential." 

Kelsey Marchman, Social Media Marketing

“Quite frankly, there are very few people I have ever met in my life with the energy, enthusiasm, and drive Erin possesses and demonstrates daily. She seems to approach each new day with vitality for finding opportunities around each corner. She is both congenial and professional, with an appetite for success for herself, her friends, and her clients. I only wish we could somehow clone Erin and that contagious smile. She is truly someone worth getting to know!” 

Daniel Feldman, Founder - CEO, Communications

“Erin is a committed and knowledgeable professional with an array of knowledge that seems incredible for her young age. She is personable beyond belief, friendly, helpful, and intensely concerned with her clients and others.” 

Richard Blake, Security/Writer, Self

“Erin is the consummate professional. Although I am sure she would be successful in any profession, as a Realtor, I am confident she will excel. She has an eye for detail and a talent for networking. If you want someone who cares about what you want in Real Estate and will work above and beyond to find it, I highly recommend you choose Erin because I am sure she will make it happen.” 

Kenneth Greenberg (Open Networker), Owner, KLG Consultants, LLC

"Working in the same office with Erin this last year, it is impossible not to notice Erin. She is hardworking, very professional, and committed to providing her clients the best possible service." 

Barry Kunselman, Realtor

"Erin knows her business and is a great Real Estate agent. I highly recommend her to Find you a house or sell your house."

Jerry Ensign

"Erin and I know each other through various professional networking groups. I cannot say enough good things about Erin. She is smart, positive, hardworking, and a go-getter. Everyone loves Erin! She is always looking for opportunities to help others. She has a big heart and a passion for what she does. I know that if I had a property for sale in Colorado, this girl would be an excellent choice for a real estate broker because she knows so many people and would be able to find the perfect match for my property. I also know that if I were looking to purchase property, she would be able to find some excellent options for me in no time with her hard work and excellent ability to understand other people's visions. Erin is fun to spend time with. I have enjoyed many wonderful adventures with her and value her insight and professional recommendations. I highly recommend Erin!" 

Courtney Chernick, Graphic Designer

“Erin is a trustworthy, loyal professional. She’s timely, proactive, and communicates details very well. In a time and market where team members must be dependable, Erin is your go-to person!” 

Beau “Lagniappe” La Point – Chicago Title of Colorado

“Working with Erin in Denver was a blast. She is high-energy and brings a unique personality to any team collaborating on a project. My only regret is that I didn't get more time to work with her!” 

Daniel Martin, Founder and President, Mad Mortgage World

"Erin Rose. What can one say that hasn’t already been said about a woman who can simultaneously be a realtor devoted to her craft and a genuinely good person? A few things come to mind.  1. She looks pretty good in a Santa outfit. Does this mean you’ll get this when being shown a house? No. But it means she puts everything she’s got into her work. And I think that’s pretty cool. 2. Knowledge. I once saw Erin decode a lock box on the spot without a code. No kidding. She straight up McGuyvered her way into that vault. All in the name of trying to help out her client. If that’s not dedication, then I don’t know what is! I’ve worked with Erin a few times in the past to see a few homes. Like some sort of real estate mind ninja, she knew exactly what I wanted to see. Even before I knew! Sure, I was a little scared of this skill, wondering what else she might extract from my mind, but in the end, it was worth it to have a knowledgeable asset on my side. Summary: If you want a great Realtor: choose Erin. She kills it."

Paul Snyder, IT Program Manager at RTD

"Erin has helped me look for investment properties for many years now. She is very patient and professional and takes the time to get to know her clients. I would recommend Erin to anyone who is looking for a friendly, qualified, and patient realtor!"

Stephanie Deininger, Professional Organizer

“Erin is an amazingly organized and oriented person. She completes every task handed to her beyond expectations. It was a joy working with her, and I only hope to work with her in the future.” 

Kerry Lehrke, Associate Art Director, Massive Creative, LLC

“Erin Rose is one of the most motivated and energetic people I know! Erin is always going above and beyond. She is on the road to success.” 

Audrey Earnshaw, Student, University of Colorado

"Erin is putting forth a lot of effort to make the experience her clients have the most complete and professional. She will go the extra mile to get the answer if she doesn't know it, and she is always working on ways to improve her service." 

Edye Londer, Realtor

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