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Understanding the Home Buying Process

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Embarking on the home-buying journey can be a thrilling experience, and with Amplicity, we aim to keep it straightforward and enjoyable. As outlined in our user-friendly graphic, the process can take several paths depending on various outcomes at each stage. Here's how to navigate these possibilities:

Starting Your Journey:

  • Get Pre-Approved: Secure your mortgage pre-approval to establish your budget and showcase your buying power.

  • Partner with Erin Rose: Let Erin Rose guide you through the nuances of finding and buying your ideal home.

  • Search for Homes: Together, we'll explore listings to find a perfect home that fits your life.

  • Make Offers: With Erin's expertise, you’ll make a competitive yet prudent offer.


Diverging Paths Post-Offer:

  • Offer Accepted: The ideal path forward. We will seamlessly proceed to the next steps if your offer is accepted.

  • Offer Declined: If your offer is not accepted, we will reassess and refine our strategy or consider other properties.

  • Offer Countered: This opens a negotiation phase, where we’ll work diligently to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.


Navigating Title Work:

  • Clear Title: A clear title means we move ahead without delay.

  • Title Objections: If there are issues or objections regarding the title, we enter a resolution phase to address these concerns before proceeding.


Inspection Process:

  • Inspections Clear: A satisfactory inspection report sets us on track to the next steps.

  • Inspection Objections: Should the inspection raise issues, we’ll discuss objections and resolutions to ensure the property meets your standards.


Loan Availability Check:

  • Loan Proceeds: Confirmation of loan availability keeps the process moving forward.

  • Loan Objections: If there are hiccups with the loan, we tackle these head-on, working with lenders to find solutions.


Final Stages Before Closing:

  • Appraisal: A successful appraisal by the lender aligns the home's value with the agreed purchase price.

  • Home Insurance: We secure home insurance, ensuring protection for your future investment.

  • Final Loan Approval: The loan is approved with all financials in order, and we're set for closing.

  • Review Closing Docs: This is crucial to ensure all terms and fees are as expected.


Closing and Beyond:

  • Final Walk-Through: A last inspection to confirm the home is ready for you.

  • Closing Day: The momentous occasion when the property becomes officially yours.

  • Take Possession: You receive the keys to your new home and begin your new chapter.


At any point, should you agree to a Post-Closing Occupancy with the seller, we will navigate those terms to ensure a smooth transition.

Remember, our path might have branches, but our destination remains the same - to hand you the keys to your perfect home. With Amplicity and Erin Rose by your side, each step, whether straight or winding, is taken with care and expertise.

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